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self​-​identified non​-​male artists making experimental electronic music

by various artists

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wrtch - MILK 06:10


Hylé Tapes 036 : self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music


« ​La musique est un espace politique, un champ traversé par des questions de pouvoir, une caisse de résonance particulièrement efficace pour les idéologies. La musique ne fait pas qu’absorber et refléter ces idéologies. Elle les conforte et les reproduit. Elle participe pleinement à leur construction»
Susan Mc Clary – Ouverture féministe : musique, genre, sexualité – La rue musicale, 2015

La compilation « self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music » regroupe 34 artistes, femmes et non-binaires, de plus de 6 nationalités. Lancé à l’automne 2016 sur les réseaux sociaux par le label Hylé Tapes, l’appel à contribution a reçu un écho large et transnational, à tel point que cette compilation se compose de 3 cassettes et d’un livret-fanzine qui compile les détails de chaque projet.

Le succès de l’appel à projet, et la densité de la production qui en résulte, en font un objet singulier et politique. Singulier parce que les productions rassemblées reflètent la diversité de ce champ sonore qu’est la musique électronique expérimentale; politique parce les voix qui se font entendre dans cette compilation sont bien trop souvent inaudibles, ou silencieuses. Ces voix ce sont celles de femmes, ou d’individu.e.s non-binaires, qui ont pour point commun d’expérimenter avec les sons, d’explorer leurs textures et leurs combinaisons. Cette compilation regroupe des artistes qui font de la musique un champ d’exploration radical : un endroit où technologies, genre et pratiques se recoupent pour donner naissance à des œuvres singulières.

Loin de prôner l’exclusion, cette compilation invite au contraire à l’inclusion et permet de rappeler que la musique est un espace politique, façonné par des rapports de pouvoir et des logiques de domination. En créant cette plateforme pour les artistes femmes et non-binaires, le label Hylé Tapes signifie qu’il est temps de prendre en compte ces enjeux. Agir et prendre position en tant qu’allié est une étape fondamentale pour permettre d’atténuer les processus d’invisibilisation des femmes et artistes non-binaires. En les regroupant de cette manière, le label Hylé Tapes permet à ces artistes de faire corps et de se rendre visibles. Enfin, en mettant en avant une communauté aussi large, la compilation « self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music » crée une vraie opportunité de mise en réseau, de partage d’expériences et de compétences, parce que plus que jamais « sisterhood is powerful ».

Nastasia Hadjadji
Février 2017

English version :

”Music is a political space, a field traversed by problematics of power, an enormously useful sounding board for ideologies. Music doesn’t only absorb and re flect ideologies. It supports and reproduces them. It participates fully to their construction.” Susan Mc Clary — Feminist openings: music, gender, sexuality — The musical street, 2015

This mixtape of “self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music” brings together 34 female or non-binary artists of over 6 different nationalities. Launched in the fall of 2016 on social networks by the label Hylé Tapes, this call to contributions had a large international appeal, so much that the resulting mixtape can boast 3 tapes as well as a book-fanzine compiling the details of each project.

The success of this call and its dense end-product make it a unique political object. Unique because the works reflect the diversity of experimental music as a field; political because the voices that can be heard in it are often unheard or silenced. Those voices belong to women and non-binary people, whose common project is to experiment with sound, to explore its textures and combinations. This mixtape brings together artists who make music a space of radical exploration, a place where technologies, gender and practices come together to create singular works.

Far from promoting exclusion, this mixtape, on the contrary, calls for inclusion in order to remind us that music is a political space shaped by power dynamics and logics of domination. By creating a platform for female and non-binary artists, Hylé Tapes shows that it is time to take those problematics seriously. It is time to act and to take a stand as allies; this is a fundamental step on the path to lessening the marginalisation faced by female and non-binary artists. By bringing them together in this way, Hylé Tapes also allows those artists to make their presence known. Finally, it brings to the forefront a large community for whom this mixtape is a real opportunity to create a network for sharing experiences and skills: indeed, today more than ever, “sisterhood is powerful”.

Nastasia Hadjadji
February 2017
Transalation by Mathilde Sergent



"David McKenna (Rockfort) picks Hylé Tapes

Richard Frances’ cassette ‘n’ digital label has been distributing peculiar sonic objects since 2014, and I regularly feature tracks in mixes for the Rockfort column. Releases range from the tuneful, kraut-influenced likes of Point Du Lac to all manner of abstract assemblages (including some by Frances himself). One from the beginning of the year that’s particularly on-message this Friday, though, is the self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music. It’s already been covered in Tristan Bath’s Spool’s Out column but deserves a re-up. Following a call-out for contributors, Frances assembled an internationally-sourced collection of tracks from 34 “female or non-binary artists” that brims with vivid colours and exploratory verve. You pay what you like for the compilation, so at least on this occasion please make your purchase count."



By Tristan Bath

"What’s contained within this 34-track compilation should be relatively self-evident from the title. "The works reflect the diversity of experimental music as a field," says Hylé Tapes. "Those voices belong to women and non-binary people, whose common project is to experiment with sound, to explore its textures and combinations." It’s should be a simple almost boring statement, but that’s not the world we live in. The mission to de-bro-ify experimental music is still in its early stages - just look at this column or my very own radio show, both littered with bearded white American and British ‘guys’ - but thus far, the struggle is promising. Political statements aside, this is also just a downright killer collection, and a listen of nearly three dozen artists we’re going to want to keep an eye on.

The opening track alone by Abençoada is stunningly powerful, featuring near-unaccompanied modulated vocals heading funereally into the abyss. The same mantle is picked up later by Ambrosia Bartosekulva on ‘MILK’, a confused mess of distorted and process overlapping vocals - and the voices continually play a key role throughout the collection - I guess there’s little in music more historically tied to gender than the voice. There’s also plenty of shimmering synth scapes, modular bleep experiments, (Christine Webster’s ‘A Bird Meme’ is distinctly excellent at making electronics sound like birdsong), and plenty of weirdo techno. Yokonono (aka Italian artist Cristiana Palandri) aptly closes out the tape with a breezy blend of housey beats and vocal murmurings. Damn it, there’s really too many highlights to name (it’s a triple cassette release for goodness sake - that’s 3 x C60 tapes), so your best bet is to grab one of the remaining copies and start googling the artist names yourself. This album will make a perfect good starting point for your next shopping spree."



par Nastasia Hadjadji

"La dernière sortie Hylé Tapes est un évènement à plusieurs titres : trois cassettes, un fanzine, trente-quatre artistes rassemblées, plus de six nationalités et surtout un parti-pris fort, ne rassembler que des artistes féminines et/ou non-binaires. Self-Identified Non-Male Artists Making Experimental Electronic Music fait partie de ces objets politiques et sonores singuliers qui ne sont que trop rares dans le paysage musical français. Les trois cassettes de cette compilation donnent à entendre l’immense diversité des productions sonores rangées sous l’étiquette « musique électronique expérimentale » : de l’ambient poétique, en passant par les expérimentations drone et post-industrielles, cette compilation explore ce spectre musical dans toute sa largeur.

En ne réunissant que des artistes femmes (ou female-identified), cette compilation se fait l’écho de voix et de propositions sonores trop souvent inaudibles, ou absentes des programmations. Parce qu’en 2017 la question de la représentation des femmes et des minorités de genre – dans l’ensemble de la société tout comme dans le champ de la musique et de la culture – demeure un enjeu crucial, cette compilation est une initiative importante. Importante parce qu’en réunissant ces trente-quatre artistes, elle permet la mise en réseau et le partage d’expériences ; importante ensuite parce que ces trente-quatre artistes sont autant de figures sources d’inspiration pour de potentielles futures musiciennes ; importante enfin parce que l’initiative est portée par un label indépendant, et qu’il est fondamental que les marges s’emparent de cet enjeu si déterminant."



"In the wake of Trump’s victory, I’m sure you realized something. Love him, or hate him, the music world, for the most part, is going to react. I also would like to point out that the western world is seeing an influx of far-right ideals take the limelight again, so these artists may also be reacting to the likes of Marine Le Pen and Frauke Petry, for example. These tense political times, however, are giving rise to untold amounts of music so not all is doom and gloom. This particular box set consists of thirty-four unique artists and their tracks, a fanzine, and literally none of them are male. The tracks range from the fare that Chris Cantalini (GvB) would fall head over heels for to experimental analog music evocative of some of Jim O’Rourke’s output. Listen to the full stream of the compilation via the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!"

Cameron Hilliard
Contributing Editor



"an unreal undertaking and lovingly put together, a massive three tape compilation and zine, this lengthy electronic tome contains many beautiful and out-there personal works from a whole collection of talented producers and musicians. 'self-identified non-male artists' to be exact with what we're hearing and who by, and this is perfectly real and a lovely thing to have exist.

there is a plethora of standout tracks, but i recommend diving in from the top and following the alphabetical sequence all the way down this experimental/audio rabbit hole, there's gold everywhere throughout.

hoping that everyone involved gets a full new record deal/commission out of this (be it tape or cdr or vinyl or digital), it's up to us as fans and label people to be more inclusive and selective with how we shape our things, so the names we're already well familiar with and that existing echo chamber that comes with it has a parallel reality running alongside it.

equal competition and curatorial specialization for new ears.

there is always an unbelievable array of music-making happening, but we can't or shouldn't fall on easy connections without truly digging, without digging out this great work, or without digging into what we say we're about or what we want to be about in the first place.

new music means just that: new. let's dig it all out, as this compilation makes too clear, it's right in front of us. and has always been right in front of us.

huge thanks to richard at hylé tapes for putting this monster together and i know it will be the natural trajectory of what is already happening, and the new projection of hours and infinite hours of more new music to continuously come into being."



On ‘Self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music,’ Hyle Tapes has collected together a compilation of 34 female and non-binary artists.

Opening with the stunning electro-smeared sing-sighs and ambiguously sad/blissed atmosphere of ‘UK Border Diocese’ by Abençoada, the rest of the mixtape doesn’t disappoint. The highlights are many, and include the drifting ambient hum and echoing, subtly manipulated piano notes on ‘Abandodo’ by Caminauta. The bird-like conversational bloop-song of Christine Webster’s ‘A Bird Meme.’ Urgent melancholic acid squiggles on ‘Fight or Flight’ by Coldnose. Heather Celeste’s ghostly kosmiche dub-techno on ‘Objekt 2.’ The echo-laden voices floating in the beautiful bubbling synthscape of ‘In Dreams’ by Paper Dollhouse. Rasping sweeps of bass like an electric cello accompany clattering metallic rust-percussion and squeaky toy strangling on ‘Berlin’ by Cubop; its incomprehensible background muttering tops off this surreal and troubling delight, bringing to mind James Ensor characters sifting through seaside town tat-debris in an Ostend junk shop.

It’s a deep shame that the mere gathering together of these non-male acts for a compilation is a political act. This collection perfectly disputes lazy male-heavy festival line-ups and club-nights. It is also a wide seed-bed for your musical imagination. A base for further investigation. 34 destinations on a much larger map.



released February 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Hylé Tapes Paris, France

Experimental electronic music tape label.

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